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Are you a CEO, Founder, or Business Owner ready to make your mark on the world? Build your strategic narrative the right way, so you and your company can thrive. Transform the way you, your team, and everyone else think and talks about your business. You will learn to complete the MetaHelm four-story framework, created for business leaders just like you. This workshop will make you a more visionary leader. Guillaume leads this seven-week program once a quarter in a limited group setting.

  • The Strategic Narrative Workshop: build your strategic narrative the right way, so you and your company can thrive.
  • October 12 – November 23: meet with Guillaume every Tuesday at 8:30 am PST for seven weeks.
  • 12 people (You and 11 other people maximum)
  • 12 hours of breakthrough content and facilitation.
  • Last session for this year.
  • Register here!

The full version

When you attend this workshop, you will transform how you, your team, and everybody else think and talk about your business so that your business thrives.

You are going to do that by completing a framework that I created after working for more than two decades with hundreds of other business leaders just like you.

Why now

We are coming out of a crisis that changed the game for all of us, and now is the time to build the next version of your business.

People want to work with an organization:

  • driven by an inspiring purpose,
  • that creates a movement,
  • and that makes THEM better humans.

This is the kind of organization you become when you have a strong strategic narrative.

The method

I will share many examples to prove it, and I will analyze them with you with a clear system.

This workshop is not yet another communications workshop where all you do is embellish your existing message.

This is a strategy & execution workshop.

Yes, it talks about stories and narratives, but it is designed for you to provoke new thinking, make some decisions, and become a more visionary leader.

We will focus on helping you build a new narrative, not just on clarifying your existing story.

The big difference

People will gladly pay for a story, but people will almost die for a narrative.

When you craft a story, you gather an audience. When you initiate a new narrative, you turn this audience into active participants of a movement.

I will show you how.

I will walk you through a system that will push you to ask yourself the right questions:

  • FIRST - In your journey, what opportunity do you see that others ignore? You will find the answer in reframing your Origin Story.
  • SECOND - How do you inspire your community to reach for a more positive impact? For this, you need an Opportunity Story.
  • THIRD - How do you challenge the common wisdom that everybody else accepts as truth, so you rally forces no one else can? This comes from your Perspective Story.
  • FINALLY - How do you position your products and services to make people confident about taking action? That's a function of The Product Story.


As a result, you will avoid the costly mistakes that I see over and over, such as:

  • a lack of focus,
  • too many layers of strategy,
  • and a feeling that all you're doing is brag about the features of your product or service.

Whether you are launching a new offer or feeling like your business has lost some momentum, join this workshop today.

And for two simple reasons:

1 - It will increase people's desire to buy your product.

2 - It will increase people's desire to work with you.

But there are other benefits too:

  • Because I am giving you a repeatable framework, you will now be able to evolve your strategy by yourself forever and for any other business in the future.
  • This workshop attracts ambitious, positive, and forward-thinking professionals. You will have a chance to test your assumptions with them and get immediate feedback.
  • Of course, you are getting my guidance and my candid reaction to your creative ideas because I am a neutral voice.

The secret sauce

In this workshop:

  • We create a safe space for you to take the risk to test a new vision.
  • We break up the principles of Strategic Narrative Building into manageable chunks.
  • We give you a weekly opportunity to practice what you've learned.
  • All of this while building something critical: Your Strategic Narrative.

Registration is open now.

Click here and submit your application.

You will be only 12 people maximum in this workshop.

I am very excited to see you there.

The world needs more leaders able to inspire people to take action, not just to buy more stuff.

Join the MetaHelm movement today and turn YOUR organization into a source of inspiration that few can resist.

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