Season 1: The End

Have you attended one of my Thursday Strategic Narrative Underground Sessions yet? If not, this morning/today is your last chance.

If you’d like to join, register here. It’s free, fun and a little French.

Since last April, I’ve shared with you my principles and tips during these 30-minute flash courses. This was also a chance to prototype (I’m not going to lie, often the night before) and test new ideas—many of them.

Several of you have religiously attended these sessions and engaged in many great conversations. I thank you so much for that. Initially designed to share the draft chapters of my work-in-progress book and get your feedback, those sessions ended up generating way more value than I anticipated, and they led me to write way more than I thought. So it’s been great.

If you want to watch this “Season One” of 20 episodes, it’s available to you here on Youtube.

But for now, that’s it. Today is the last episode (Strategic Narrative Underground #20). So, again, join us by registering here if you can.

It will be a wrap after this one.

At least for season one.

Don’t Just Tell Stories. Build A Narrative.
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