Strategic Narrative for Established Companies

We guide CEOs, Founders, and Business Owners to align people and accelerate the adoption of innovation.


Build the strategic narrative that will elevate your leadership and help you succeed. 

Your strategic narrative is the story you tell people when you need everyone to understand your business, get behind it, and believe in it. When it’s clear and impactful, it can shape minds, inspire teams, and help you surpass your goals.

Fundraising Campaigns

Major Growth or Investments

New Product or Service Launches

Geographical Expansions

Reorganizations and Transformations

Marketing, Branding and Sales

If your strategy is confusing, you will lose millions


Are you struggling to bring everyone with you?


Is explaining your big idea complicated?


Is your strategic initiative slowing down?


Are you under pressure to nail your next keynote?


Do you need to unify your team around a common message?


Are people still not getting your strategy?


Do you need to pitch and win more deals?

Too many people depend on your strategic vision.

Make your message resonate

Work with Guillaume Wiatr


I’m here to make you comfortably uncomfortable.  I want to push your way of thinking to build and refine the way you communicate your strategic narrative.  I’ll ask the hard questions and help you get to the heart of the issue.  

My methods and processes come from years of experience working with executives just like you.

There is a science to building and activating a strong strategic narrative.  We’ll work together to help you apply those techniques so your company thrives.


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Trusted by leading organizations

We earned the trust of all our stakeholders with a strategic narrative that was spot on.

Guillaume is the perfect sounding board: the right level of distance to help you see the big picture, the right business and strategic understanding, and the right people skills.

Elisabeth Araujo

COO, It Cosmetics, L'OREAL

Guillaume builds the better story with you that’s really still your story, not the story he made up that he wants you to tell.

He gets to the heart of the strategy and that helps find clarity of thought.

John Bjornson

President, Point B Capital


Clarify your message

Align your team

Get results

Guillaume’s contributions reached well beyond our expectations: we were able to start a movement.

We created an immersive experience for our 3,600 employees, in a deeply innovative and impactful way.

David Campbell

CEO, Horizon Airlines - Alaska Air Group

With the elements of our new pitch, we raised $2M.

Guillaume’s method finally gave me the confidence to clearly articulate what my company is about instead of just talking with long-winded sentences.

Joshua Gebhardt

CEO, MetricStory

Get feedback on your message today

When in doubt, find out immediately what you should do (but you’re not doing) to get everyone to understand your business, get behind it, and believe in it.