Success In Their Own Words

How my guidance made a difference to my clients, students, readers, and colleagues.


“I love Guillaume's innovative approach to assessing and improving any business. His workshops are concrete, not too long, efficient, and interactive. Having attendees ask questions and participate is very instructive. I attended several workshops and invite you to do the same.”

Valérie Legras

Founder & Creative Director at SWADOH


“Guillaume consistently exceeds our expectations. His expertise, professionalism, and dedication have made him an invaluable partner since we began working together years ago. We are excited to continue our journey with Metahelm and highly recommend Guillaume's services to any professional services firm seeking significant growth and authentic success.”

Jenny Lashinski

COO & Co-Founder at NuOz - Real-Time Energy Visibility


“I want to send a big shout out to Guillaume Wiatr, for how much he has made my head explode over the past couple of weeks!

Little known fact: Guillaume is the self proclaimed first fan of Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery (my first startup 13 years ago), but, possibly just Jacqueline Gjurgevich and myself! In the startup world, you gain a lot of fans but they don't really do too much, other than make you feel good about your idea. Not Guillaume. He rolled up his sleeves so many times to coach us through our vision and values, as well as a few difficult conversations.

So, I was thrilled to bring him into our work at The Big Lil, to help us refine our prospecting process. He has already moved mountains in helping us understand what the real opportunities are in our business. He has pushed me to reconsider what I've held as truths, but were just assumptions holding me back. He has inspired me to essentially triple the amount of time I'm working ON my business.

And I have full confidence, that our team, our clients, and our business will be in a radically different place, 6 months or a year from now, because of his thoughtfulness, creativity, and approach.

If that sounds like you....I highly recommend!”

Carry Ferrence

Founder, The Big Lil - Fractional COO for social enterprises and non-profits


“I needed to crush a 30-minute keynote on innovation to a major healthcare company’s annual planning retreat, but I didn’t feel like I had a compelling narrative. Guillaume gets to the heart of what you’re trying to convey, completely deconstructs your early version of the narrative to identify the building blocks, asks questions and guides you to find better clarity of thought, and builds the better narrative together with you that’s really still your narrative, not the narrative he made up that he wants you to tell. Our calls gave me the confidence to “commit”. Attendees kept referencing the metaphor I introduced as a central theme. And longer-term, they remain a strong client of ours, due to the way I was able to show our difference.”

John Bjornson

President, Managing Director, Point B Capital


“The MetaHelm workshop provided convincing rationale on why a straightforward and simple productized approach helps everyone. Guillaume's clear communication made the content widely accessible, while the warmth and humor fostered an immediate community. During the Q/A, someone else pointed out that MetaHelm was a great example of productized services--something Guillaume did not need to request. I could not have left with a better impression of him, MetaHelm's services, or the value of the group coaching provided.”

Logan Juliano

Strategic Communications Lecturer @ UCLA | Media and Narrative Consultant


“I used to feel frustrated and sad, because I knew I had a compelling product, but my strategic narrative felt “wooden”. Reframing my company’s origin story was the right move. At the end of the day, people want to know why they should care, and you can’t do that unless you relate to them on an emotional level. Guillaume cares greatly about your success and creates a space to explore the threads of your strategic narrative that can create a masterpiece.”

Stacey Gose

CEO & Founder, Tougher Inc.

power-hour-consult Power Hour Consult: one consultation $1,000.00

“There are many “storytellers” and “pitch advisors” for entrepreneurs to work with and then there is Guillaume. He helped me develop the pitch that won the University of Washington Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge and place in other competitions. He even helped my company begin to develop the right foundation for our strategic narrative. Something challenging for startups, yet very important to master early on.”

Robert A. White, EMPA

Chief Executive Officer, Sound Sustainability


“In just one call, Guillaume totally helped me fix my narrative, content, and visuals. As a result, I was able to instantly take my investor pitch from boring to great. I knew what to do to gain credibility, build trust, and trigger the conversations I wanted.”

Betsy Tong

Co-Founder, Honistly


“Just read your book, freakin awesome job man. Love the format too, it’s super effective. Something you said a few times was that a strategic narrative creates a filter for decision-making – when I carry over the marketing/branding stuff in my head and attempt to force it into the impact work, I talk about it in a similar way. When companies write their standard marketing junk like mission statements and purpose statements, they’re so empty… but thoughtful ones built from a decent framework will actually become a filter for decision-making. I absolutely love and agree with your distinction between story and narrative, especially that a story has an audience, and a narrative has participants. This is solid gold, my friend, nicely done.”

Danny Ruspandini

Founder & Advisor, Impact Labs Australia