Two More Grams Of Steam?

TGIF, time to relax.

I know you had a long week, but if you have two more grams of steam, you might want to read this all the way through.

This is a repeat of my Sunday post about how you could help me and also get a fantastic gift in your inbox on December 31st.

A few of you have already responded; thank you very much. You will get that gift for sure.

Here is what it’s all about–as a bit of poem:

I wonder if you’d like to help me create a compilation of your favorite emails I’ve written so far. I’ll publish the compendium in a nice format, and I’ll give you a free copy if you do.

If you’re up for it, here is my question:

What would be your top 1 to 3 articles I’ve emailed you?

Reply with the title and, if you can, a bit about why.

Or reply just to say “Hi!”. :)

Look in your inbox in case you saved or forwarded some of them.

Look in the archive in case you deleted them.

Don’t worry if you’ve only read a few.

Just pick one or two.

Don’t worry if you forgot the title.

Just tell me about the topic a little.

Happy Sunday!


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