Powerful SN Example: Gravity Payments

Here is one of the best strategic narratives I’ve seen in the financial services industry.

Dan Price is the Founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, a Seattle-based credit card processing company.

Dan’s narrative shows up on his Linkedin profile like this:

“I want to be a small part of a revolution where business ceases to be primarily about money, but instead is focused on mission, service, and solving the problems of humanity.”

That’s the opportunity he is pursuing.

So, Dan Founded Gravity payment in 2004, and here is the origin of his company, explained on the Gravity Payments website:

“We created Gravity Payments because thousands of hard-working business owners were being overcharged and underserved by credit card processors.“

A strong sense of purpose anchors Dan’s strategic narrative. His whole organization is part of the movement he is seeking to create. His perspective stands out. The products and services of Gravity Payments are the material expressions of his viewpoint. There is no room for confusion.

But what makes Dan’s strategic narrative so powerful is not just what he says. It’s above all the fact that he walks his talk; big time.

For instance, in 2015, he launched a $70,000 minimum wage at the company, which led to more employees buying homes, having babies, and paying off debt.

Employees stayed with the company longer and were more engaged (a 90% retention rate), helping Gravity’s revenue triple.

He has since written about his fight for worker rights and standing up for small businesses on his social media and in media publications worldwide.

One of the critical conditions to build a company on a successful strategic narrative is to have the courage to stand for something.

That’s what Dan does.

I’ve been following him on LinkedIn.

You should too.

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