Steal Like An Artist

5 things worth sharing: pitching can be good, a new course, a model that cleans up, B corps, and more.


You and I always steal ideas, which is a good thing. But hopefully, you do it like an artist. This new email format is inspired from… Let me say that differently: I've stolen the idea from Austin Kleon, bestselling author of Steal Like An Artist, and other short books worth reading.

Here are 5 things I thought were worth sharing with you this month:

1 - Many people believe that Strategic Narrative = Pitching. Although it's not the same, there is a connection between both. So, I felt compelled to express my point of view on pitching: Do You Have To Hate Pitching? (From my daily insights)

2- As I wrote yesterday, I'm excited to announce a new series of monthly courses starting next week. The first course is called Creative Pitching: reclaim your natural abilities to sell your ideas with success, not stress. It is Thursday, August 11th at 9:00 Pacific Time, and it is free to attend. It would be great to see you join, so check out the details and register here if you can.

3 - What does it look like when you don't have a strategic narrative to mobilize people, and what does it look like when you do? Can you see it? Yes, you can! Here is a visual representation of the answer to this question. Simple Strategic Narrative model for business and change leaders (Youtube video)

4 - On July 14th, I attended the Washington B Corp Collective meetup in Seattle before celebrating the people who mobilized on July 14th, 1789 (Bastille Day) to defend the narrative of freedom. If you don't know anything about B Corps and the B Corp movement, check it out. B Corps are the future, and the future needs to happen now.

5 - Podcast alert! I mean, podcast explosion. You never really know when podcast hosts will release the interview they recorded with you. For some reason, five of them went live at the same time in July, and here is one of them: Multiply Your Success with Tom DuFore: What is Strategic Narrative. Tom is an expert at franchising businesses, and he loves systems. So when I told him Strategic Narrative is about building a system, he got very curious and asked great questions. What I love about this episode is that Tom took the time to summarize his key takeaways at the end. I thought these might be useful to you as well.

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"It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission" - Admiral Hopper

Thank you for reading.

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