Strategic Narrative

A Simple Method that Business Leaders Can Use to Help Everyone Understand Their Business, Get Behind It, and Believe In It.

Learn invaluable lessons


Why alignment is critical to success.


How to create more impact.


Why traditional business storytelling isn't working.


The difference between story and narrative.


The five powers of a strategic narrative.


Ten principles to mobilize people.

“Just read your book, freakin awesome job man. Love the format too, it’s super effective. Something you said a few times was that a strategic narrative creates a filter for decision-making – when I carry over the marketing/branding stuff in my head and attempt to force it into the impact work, I talk about it in a similar way. When companies write their standard marketing junk like mission statements and purpose statements, they’re so empty… but thoughtful ones built from a decent framework will actually become a filter for decision-making. I absolutely love and agree with your distinction between story and narrative, especially that a story has an audience, and a narrative has participants. That is solid gold, my friend, nicely done.”

Danny Ruspandini
Founder & Advisor, Impact Labs Australia

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