The Art of Value-izing


Here are 5 things I thought were worth sharing this month:

1. Focus Your Value Proposition in Two Words

Creativity comes from constraints. So I tried to summarize the value I promise to deliver to my clients in two words. Easier to see. Very valuable. What did I come up with? See how I invited people on LinkedIn to join the fun and chime in to help. Thank you if you did. Then, I made a quick video you can watch on YouTube in case you’re interested in that method. What are your two words?

2. Meaningful Content Creation

If you want your business to be seen, share your ideas. Consistently and frequently. But what if you have nothing good to say? But what if you don’t have time? But what if they steal your ideas? Stop overthinking and start today with Meaningful Content Creation, my latest course. See the description here, and buy it here. Reminder, I record a course like this every month, and you’re welcome to attend each session for free. The next one is on February 16th at 9:00 am PST. Save the date!

3. The Power of Your Small Wins

Why celebrating your smallest accomplishment is so valuable to your life? I explored that question in this video. See your worth in the details. I hope it helps you look at all the great things you do differently and view your journey as a source of joy.

4. Innoficiency: A New Perspective

Blair Enns sees innovation and efficiency as mutually opposable goals. He brings a very interesting point of view on the tension we’ve all felt in business. I know I feel it every day, and so do my clients. Listen to one of the greatest episodes of 2 Bobs: Conversations on the Art of Creative Entrepreneurship - Innoficiency in Your Agency.

5. Visualize Value

Do you want to see what masterful visualization looks like? Check out; it’s just simply awesome. It was created by Jack Butcher, who wanted to spend all of his time making things that make it easier to learn, teach, build, and sell. A good mission. I hope you’ll see as much value in his work as I did.

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It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission

Admiral Hopper

Thank you for reading.

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