Why Your Business Needs An Opinion

In business, it’s tempting to strive for a flawless image and invest in the surface level of branding too soon.

Instead, I’d rather see you invest first in forging a personal opinion on your discipline and the market your serve.

Absent an opinion, your business may appear sterile. It will lack personality. It risks becoming nothing more than another faceless corporation amid an ocean of similar brands.

With an opinion, it becomes human and warm.

Think about it. Your true friends always have an opinion about what they’d do if they were you.

Why aren’t you that friend for your clients?

Having an opinion builds trust with them.

When you share your stance on your work, it shows commitment. It reveals a concern for your clients and their situation. It shows you care enough to take the risk of speaking your mind despite sounding controversial.

Because saying what matters is more important than saying what’s appropriate.

Too many expertise-based service businesses don’t have an opinion. They think they do, but they didn’t really take the time to push their thinking, publish it, and, most importantly, act on it.

Aspire to be more human, not just another logo.

Aim to transform and build your business into a community of people who have something they believe in and defend. Something to say. Something to fight.

Invest in your opinion to stand out from the crowd and foster a loyal following among clients who appreciate your candor and authenticity.

Don’t wait.

Now is the best time to get started. An opinion is not something you buy from an agency. It’s an asset you build over time.

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