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I’m loving the material you’re putting out to the world. I’ve been on a quest to tell better stories ever since I read Storybrand by Donald Miller which really did not seem to work for e-commerce brands. I then discovered narratives and during my research came across your content. Finally, someone is making sense in this industry! I’ve also read all the Seth Godin books and The Fortune Cookie but still, something was missing.

Sacha Gorelik
Founder, Sacha Gorelik Copywriting

“Thank you, your last email is a powerful example. It inspired me to create a stronger connection in our narrative between the “traditional” solutions and our solution, and what we deliver in addition.”

Fabien Comtet
CEO, Kestio

I have been subscribed since 2019, I think after I got the chance to meet you with my Paris EMBA cohort. And in fact, I find the content very insightful, MetaHelm being one of the 3 subscriptions I keep long term, the others being Shane Parish & New Yorker Magazine.

Miriam Constantin
CEO & Founder,

“Salut Guillaume, I never have time to say hello and congratulate you on all these awesome newsletters so today is the day! I enjoy reading them and really liked the NFTs one. This is such a hot topic for artists. Thank you!”

Anne Derieux
VP of Institutional Advancement, Cornish College of Arts

“Hi Guillaume, this is such an awesome perspective.  Absolutely love it !!! Keep more like this coming on the ‘blank space’”

Andrew Bird
Director, Foundstone Advisory

“I knew I was hooked on reading your emails after I got ‘Five Rules To Fix Your Dysfunctional Meetings.’ This isn’t your typical ‘e-digest.’ Each one has a singular, often provocative idea or story. Just the right spark to start my day.”

Hillary Miller
VP Accounts & Strategy, Hydrogen Advertising

“Fantastic article Guillaume! I really enjoyed this one. Many lessons to be learned. Admittedly, it is hard not falling into the trap as many startups do and use bs jargon. You try to sell the dream, and in doing so lose customers. Authenticity and transparency win every time.”

Ryan Yousefian
CEO & Co-Founder, Apnomed

“I enjoy all your emails but this one, in particular, had me most excited. I had not been aware of the TEAL model or this book, but this is what I’m trying to do in my company. This is inspiring and very helpful.”

Lauren Jantz O’Meara
CEO and Founder, Plum Flower Software

“You’ve helped shift my thinking about company narratives from “brag zone” to “community zone”. The more you write about story and narrative, the smarter I get!”

Frank McClung
Website Strategy Consultant and Owner

“Your emails are very positive and insightful. Each of them delivers views that make me reflect about my own attitude as a business leader.”

Bruno Ferrand
Entrepreneur, Nect2US, Inc.

“This was really helpful! Thank you! To me, it illustrated the difference so clearly. Love the concept of keeping things open and allowing others to be the hero of the narrative. Going to use that as a filter as I work to craft my own message for business.”

Anna Herrington
Real Estate Agent, Weichert, Realtors

“The insight in your last email helped me realize I should evolve my go-to-market strategy from the start. It helped me declutter my thinking. Thanks again for sending these!”

Michael Reeder
Founder, Smiling Lions

I love your writing on strategic narrative, Guillaume, it inspires me to truly come up with big ideas.

Roger Auge
CEO at