Mastering the Gym of Business: Building a Strong Narrative

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“We've crafted our company's narrative. What's next?”

You don't simply pen a narrative. You build it.

Fashioning a strategic narrative is a fluid process, not a static one. Many believe that once they've written something that tells one of the stories of the company, they're finished indefinitely.

But unlike most people believe, your company does not have a single story. Your company has many stories, forming a complex and often messy system.

Building a strategic narrative is a dynamic process, not a static one.

It’s like going to the gym. Repetitions are what matters.

Crafting a strategy is similar, as it imbues life and pumps the blood of your organization, as you reiterate.

Should you repeat the same thing over and over or the same format over and over? Of course not.

When you go to the gym, do you perform the same workout repeatedly?

It's generally better to alternate your workout routine, short workouts, longer workouts, more cardio, and more strength training for different muscles, but still for the same body. Building a strategic narrative is the same.

You want to practice flexibility and repetition so that people comprehend your company's vision and what your company stands for from diverse angles and perspectives.

It's an authentic, dynamic process. You may explain it in a video, then write an article about it the next day, then post a brief LinkedIn or Twitter post the following day or week regarding what the company does, what it's about, and your market understanding and what your clients should do.

Another aspect of this analogy is that you won't see results from day to day. It's incremental. Thus, be cautious when you're disheartened that you've posted something, published something, or shared something with your team and you don't see an immediate effect.

If you want to build narrative power for your organization, you have to truly integrate the mindset that it will be a dynamic process that requires energy and repetition.

You'll need to make some important decisions with courage and be relentlessly consistent.

It's okay if your cadence isn't perfect.

For example, you may observe me uploading videos on YouTube. I try to maintain a consistent presence, yet it can be challenging with many responsibilities. However, I am vigilant in monitoring my progress and presence on the platform, and if I happen to miss a day, it is of no concern. I simply return and resume my efforts, using my tracking system to ensure that my absence does not become prolonged.

Good luck building your strategic narrative like you would build your body. Send me some shots!

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