Enterprise Services

Custom Engagements

$60,000 minimum investment

Do you have stakes of $20M to $300M on the line? Custom engagements are ideal for CEOs and leadership teams who need dedicated assistance during fundraising, significant growth or investments, new product or service launches, geographical expansion, reorganizations, change, and transformations. Guillaume joins you and your team to facilitate the co-creation and activation of your strategic narrative, or even serve as your acting strategist. With him on board, maximize team alignment and avoid costly mistakes.

Executive Guidance

$30,000 minimum investment

Is mobilizing people on your own more complicated than you thought? Step up your impact. Get personalized guidance from Guillaume to build and activate a strategic narrative that will make everyone want to buy from you and work with you. This high-touch option is optimal for leaders driven to align their teams and execute on their own. We provide on-call and unlimited support until you achieve your goals.

Private Workshops

$15,000 minimum investment

Is your leadership team stalling because everyone has different ideas? Book a private workshop. Learn how to build your strategic narrative together so you resolve years of indecision and get excited to align with the same playbook. Guillaume facilitates private workshops in-person or remotely across multiple time zones simultaneously. These sessions can be part of an existing program, such as a leadership retreat.

One-on-one Consultations

$1,000 per consult

Are you facing a critical business challenge and need guidance fast? Book a consult now.  Find out immediately what you should do (but are not doing) to get everyone to understand your vision, get behind it, and believe in it. Get Guillaume’s expertise for 60 minutes, and ask all the questions you want.