Team On A Mission is a set of consulting services for entrepreneurial leaders and their teams, driven to build an authentic and sustainable firm.

By utilizing the MetaHelm Strategic Narrative® methodology—our holistic, proprietary approach focused on narrative power—we help you gain focus and accelerate authentic growth.

If you are a new client, your journey with us will always start with an initial assessment and the creation of a roadmap to your desired future state. This ensures we align on the best possible plan of action for impact.

Our methodology revolves around four key disciplines:

  • Visionary Leadership (forging the mindset and habits for turning possibilities into realities)
  • Meaningful Marketing (helping your business find its true relevance into the world)
  • Purposeful Operations (planning and running your business with a singular moral compass)
  • Authentic Selling (aligning your help and ideal clients with true benevolence, not forceful persuasion)

If you're facing an urgent situation, we recommend that you book a Power Hour Consult. You'll receive bespoke advice that you can apply immediately, giving you powerful leverage when you need to organize, mobilize or sell.


“Metahelm continues to exceed our expectations at every turn. The expertise, professionalism, and dedication make Guillaume an invaluable partner. We are excited to continue our journey with Metahelm and highly recommend their services to any organization looking to achieve significant growth and lasting success.”

Jenny Lashinski

COO, Co-Founder at NuOz, Real-Time Visibility to Energy & Environmental Data

Build a Differentiated Business, With a Singular Value Proposition


“Working with and learning from Guillaume Wiatr has been some of the best investment in time and money I've made in recent years. Don't miss out on this!”

Joyce Spencer

Founder & Principal, Reframe To Create

Guide Your Team to Know Who They Help and How, Exactly

The four discipline of the Strategic Narrative® methodology