Find Your Voice, Start Publishing


To all of you hesitant to publish or to re-engage in content publication at a regular pace – this article is for you. I understand the hesitation, internal debates, and myriad of questions with this topic. Whether you're considering dipping your toes into content creation or reigniting a once-active publishing flame, I've penned down insights, experiences, and tips to guide, inspire, and perhaps give you that gentle nudge you need.

In One Sentence

Meaningful publication isn't just about marketing. It's a journey of self-discovery and authentic connection.


Meaningful Publication is one of the 12 disciplines of the Strategic Narrative methodology. It is the practice of creating and sharing material that deeply resonates with your audience while also helping you explore, clarify, and articulate your thoughts and narrative. This approach emphasizes genuine self-expression, personal growth, and connection with your audience.

Why it Matters

  • Cultivating Expertise: If you claim to sell your expertise, nurturing and refining it is essential. That’s just what experts do for a living.
  • Resonate and Reflect: Beyond crafting content that gets you more visibility, meaningful publication is a lens for self-reflection. It's about refining and clarifying your thoughts and stories.
  • First, Believe: Publishing helps you connect with your beliefs. You are your business's first believer. So, before you try to connect with anyone, ask yourself: do you believe in your offering?
  • A Duty To Share: Sharing isn't just strategic; it's imperative. By sharing, you offer an alternative to the prevalent and wrong narratives, infusing energy to help your audience transform.
  • Grow Through Expression: You write because that’s how you get smart. To genuinely understand, you must articulate your ideas through a creative process like writing, video, and speaking.

The Backstory

  • When I started MetaHelm, I felt a pull toward sharing my voice and my thoughts. But the challenge of publically articulating them in English, not my native language, felt paralyzing. So, I hired a writer to help turn my thoughts into words. It helped produce a few polished articles but was long, expensive, and inauthentic. More importantly, by delegating the task of clarifying my thoughts, I felt I was missing the opportunity to deepen and understand them truly.
  • Then, under the guidance of Philip Morgan and with courage, I began publishing seven days a week for an entire year. This discipline transformed my perspective. Instead of trying to persuade, I aimed to enlighten (myself first) to share the core of my beliefs with raw authenticity. Through each word and post, I found my rhythm and authentic voice.
  • This journey tested me. There were days when I felt discouraged and when I doubted my path. Yet, with each piece came clarity. I shed the layers of shallow thinking that once clouded my vision. With this commitment, I honed a unique perspective that improved my consulting practice and created more impact for more clients.

Tips and Tricks

  • Mind Over Machine: Engage in meaningful publication with the right mindset, not just the right tool. The spirit of your content is shaped by intentionality and genuine self-expression.
  • The Beat Is Key: Set a rhythm and stick to it. While I opt for daily publishing, a weekly routine is common and manageable for most. Lower Friction: Keep it simple. Perfection is secondary; the goal is completion. Make your publication tools as accessible, easy, and joyful as possible.
  • Write For OneWhen creating, visualize a specific individual from your audience. Produce content as if you're addressing them directly. For me, right now, it's you.
  • Repeat YourselfRevisiting your core beliefs through publication allows you to find new dimensions and perspectives to your narrative. This adds narrative power to your voice and your business.
  • A Space to CreateIdentify a space that's conducive to creativity. Be it writing during a journey or in the comfort of your home, find your inspirational spot.

Time For Action

Stop overthinking. Start publishing. Publishing your ideas frequently and regularly is one of the fastest ways to build narrative power.

Want More Help?

Explore the MetaHelm Meaningful Publication course for tools and mindset shifts to amplify your narrative power.

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