The Whisper Within: Narrative Power and Courageous Decisions


Narrative power is like a superpower that helps you make big choices in life, especially when you feel things should be different.

Imagine you're walking on a road, and you reach a point where the road splits into two paths. One path is the usual, ordinary way, and the other is new and different. This splitting point is like a big letter "Y" on the road.

Narrative power is about embracing the less traveled, riskier route. It's about heeding the call to innovate, even when everything else says to maintain the status quo, and that status quo feels wrong.

My entrepreneurial journey has often placed me at this kind of crossroads. One path leads towards the familiar, while the other signals change, like a call to adventure.

In 2001, while leading a project, I realized that the challenges the team faced weren't technical but relational. The first day, instead of sticking to the scheduled agenda - the normal - I challenged it. I leaped and asked the group to draw their project in 3 minutes. Opting for a very unconventional method at the time, I highlighted the lack of alignment in their visions. The lesson? Change often starts from a small act of defiance against what's "normal."

Your "Ys" come in various scales. From significant business decisions to daily tasks, your narrative power fuels these choices. This positive or toxic force influences how we perceive ourselves and our decisions.

Let's take the origin story of Netflix as an example. After incurring a late fee from Blockbuster, Reed Hastings questioned the conventional movie rental model. His insight? What if movie rentals followed a gym membership model instead? The rest is history. Netflix disrupted the movie rental business, and it all began with a personal story, a "Y" junction of decision, and the narrative power to challenge the normal.

As entrepreneurs, we all confront such junctions. Recognizing them is one thing; acting on them sets changemakers apart. It's about having the audacity to forge a new path.

Every day, countless small decisions shape your path. These moments of choice are the essence of narrative power. Whether it's defying procrastination or resisting the urge to stick to old patterns, every challenge you face and every change you instigate is a testament to your narrative strength.

Narrative Power is the strength of your story - the force you build to influence your actions, decisions, and identity. Do you go with the flow, or do you challenge the routine, knowing it no longer serves your best interests?

One last example. Walt Disney, a visionary beyond his time, also faced many of these "Y" crossroads. His narrative power was evident in the stories he shared with the world, but it also influenced his decisions behind the scenes.

Reflect on his profound words:

"We don't make movies to make more money; we make more money to make more movies."

It wasn't about amassing wealth; it was about fulfilling a purpose and sharing stories that touch hearts. He listened to the whispers within, making brave decisions that often defied industry norms. When confronted with his own decision-making crossroads, Disney could have easily followed a tried and tested path. But he chose the road less traveled, staying true to his passion and inner feelings.

Just like Disney, our narrative power guides us. It compels us to look beyond the immediate and strive for what truly resonates with our purpose, challenging the routine when it no longer serves us.

So, which path will you choose when confronted with a decision-making crossroads?

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