Bienvenue Again

It’s been great to have you here. I mean, on this mailing list.

I value the time you spend reading my emails. So, today, I felt like explaining why I share my insights every day with you. Hopefully, this will provide some useful context and help me meet your expectations.

I want to teach you how to create strategic narratives.

Building better companies hugely matters to me because it is a major source of progress for everyone: my kids, you, your community, just everyone. It drives me crazy when businesses become mediocre or harmful, especially when no one seems to really care.

Therefore, I am on a mission to help turn every organization into a source of inspiration.

How do we do that?

I’ve always believed that it starts with understanding how to create new narratives. Let’s imagine that I could only leave this planet with one idea; that would be it.

Why? Because narratives have an untapped potential that we misunderstand. The proof is that people will pay for a story, but they will die for a narrative.

Your organization has a narrative. But do you really understand it? Do you know how to evolve it? Does it reflect your strategy? Why does this even matter?

The goal of this newsletter is to help you answer those questions and many more.

Why read stuff in English written by a French guy.

For the past 23 years, I’ve been obsessed with helping business leaders and organizations of all sorts to innovate and constantly reinvent themselves.

I care about the expansion of human potential more than anything else. Personal and collective growth is my passion, and in our current social and economic context, this should be an urgent priority for all of us.

Because I was born a “curious explorer”, this quest led me to reinvent myself several times professionally.

Therefore, I designed my professional experience (you can see it here on Linkedin - Please, go ahead and connect!) as a patchwork with one throughline: consulting. My background is made of a series of works that I always thought of as “ethnographic projects”. I always brought my best to uncovered rich insights that I would use to help build better companies. One of them was my immigration to the US in 2008, so I write in English, whereas my native language is French.

You will get freshly squeezed and mostly unfiltered ideas.

Seven days a week, I will send you something to help you improve your leadership skills, your company, and ultimately your community.

Every day, I sit in front of my computer in the morning, and I ask myself this question: what would someone like you find valuable? After a few minutes of meditation, my fingers start moving on the keyboard until I push the “publish” button. It’s like thinking in public.

I could put everything I know on my website and leave it there. But instead, I am looking to interact with you. That’s why I don't plan my emails in advance, and they are spontaneous and barely edited.

Sometimes, I will also tell you about my services. I do speaking, writing, workshops, and consulting.

To make this a meaningful experience, participate.

Whether you are an organization of 1 or 100,000, strategic narratives work. It is up to you to decide if you’ll use what I share with you.

If you are in, ask me questions, comment, share stories and share this email list with others.

I always respond, and I always ask for your permission to re-share anything with this list.

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You can also do that by browsing the newsletter archive right here.

I hope this is helpful.


Again, “bienvenue”.


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