The Real Goal

I recently came across a quote from Jonathan Stark that defines the mindset required to build a company like a movement.

“Making money isn’t a useful goal. Making money is a side effect of improving people’s lives. Start there.”

Movements start with the goal of positively impacting the existence of their participants and everyone around. Then, they shoot for something bigger than them. That thing is so big that most of the time, it is impossible to achieve. But shooting higher elevates us all at least.

When your business is defined by an opportunity that makes everyone thrive, don’t be surprised if people want to join and want you to succeed.

That’s what happens when you think about your business like a movement. You unlock new levels of engagement and, consequently, new levels of profit, for the reason people love and want to support.

Want to make more money?

  • Start by telling how you’re going to improve someone’s life.
  • Change the way you think and talk about your business.
  • Build a strategic narrative that gives you the power to lead with purpose.
  • Align people, so everyone executes on the same strategy with coherence.

For this, join The Strategic Narrative Workshop to build your narrative, so your business can thrive. A cohort of pioneers has already formed. This is your chance to reach your real goal too.

What It Takes
Do It Yourself, But Not Alone