Do It Yourself, But Not Alone

I got a request to “translate a strategic narrative into a more impactful version as a presentation, on behalf of the company's CEO.”

I turned it down; unless I can work with the CEO to guide him and rebuild it from scratch.

Here is why:

  • If the architecture of your strategic narrative doesn’t make it impactful to start with, a presentation to describe it is going to be a dud too. Impact comes from the inside, not the facade.
  • If it needs to be translated, it means that something isn’t right. That means it probably needs to be redone.
  • And anyways, the responsibility to do it is on you. Building a strategic narrative creates a lot of value, and most of it comes from the fact that you do it yourself. When you invest blood, sweat, and tears in building something, you care a lot about it. You respect it more. You commit to it, and you make sure that your team aligns with it. That’s because it carries a piece of your soul.

Does it mean that you should do it on your own? No. Enroll your team to co-create it. Hire someone to guide you through the process, and motivate you along the way. It’s a complex process that leads to the creation of social norms. It’s not a solo exercise.

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