The Value Of Effective Collaboration

Yesterday, I posted a video on Linkedin to invite people to join my upcoming workshop.

My friend Erik Molano commented:

“Sounds amazing! I wonder... how can brands or leadership teams exist without a strategic narrative?”

Here was my reply:

“Thanks, Eric! Exactly. We're all driven by our own narrative. So when we collaborate, it's because we share the same one.

Compared to other species, we have this incredible ability to work together in large numbers and for the greater good of our community.

But when things get complex or unstable, it can be hard. That's when intentionally building a common narrative can help.

Typically, it's the job of people in a position of leadership.

But anyone can think, talk, and act like a leader. Join the workshop to learn how."


Beyond the promotion, here is the thing:

How much is a well-built strategic narrative worth to you, your team, your community? Most people expect a monetary answer to that question. Hard to say. As mentioned before, I am still crunching the numbers.

But for now, I would respond with this: what’s the value of effective collaboration to you?


The Strategic Narrative workshop starts July 27th. Register now.


How Much Is This Worth To You?
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