How Much Is This Worth To You?

“Is a strategic narrative demonstrably valuable?”

That’s a crucial question. And a challenging one too.

At the core of any successful movement, you can hear, feel and see a narrative.

A strategic narrative makes your organization run like a movement. It gives it an intrinsic ability to call people to action because the word “movement” itself means “to create action”.

How valuable is that? Well, it depends if you value what a movement creates.

People form movements because they want to defend an ideal. They care about a particular view of the world that matters to them. As a result, they’re ready to spend the discretionary efforts required to defend their values and instigate change if need be.

Like a movement, when you have a strategic narrative:

  • Your brand becomes magnetic, and also polarizing.
  • Your employees self-organize and know exactly what to do and what to say.
  • Gaining customers is cheaper because they come to you instead of constantly finding and convincing them.
  • Your investors see this traction and want to be part of the deal.
  • You probably look and sound very different from your competitors.
  • Your customers see why they must adopt your product.

All of this has value. Probably a lot of it.

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