I'm Giving You Two More Weeks Off

I don’t know about you, but here, at the Wiatr house, we feel like summer is going too fast. Today, my kids and I counted only three more weeks until we are back to school.

Feeling the same? What if I could give you two additional weeks of vacation? Would you scream with joy? My kids would for sure.

Ok, then:

The next Strategic Narrative Workshop is starting on September 14th. That gives you five weeks total before you're back to “Guillaume’s MetaHelm school”.

As I mentioned in my welcome email for this email list, sometimes, oh surprise, I will also tell you about my services. Well, this is it.

Check out the description of The Strategic Narrative Workshop here and register. This workshop is limited to 12 people.

Also, watch the intro video below.

Join the new cohort on September 14th, and build your strategic narrative the right way, so your business thrives.


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