Why Explaining Evolution Matters

Everything around us is evolving.

Evolution is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex and sophisticated form.

Evolution is generative.

Evolution is an integral part of our context.

If we want to invite people to adopt a new idea or solution, we have to help them make sense of the context in which it makes sense to use this solution.

We can see that technology evolves at a faster pace than society. Therefore, people don’t adopt innovation right away. And by nature, invention depends on adoption to become innovations.

First, we acquire a new understanding of our context. Then, we realize that something new might be worth adopting because it will help us survive and thrive in this very context.

If we don’t ensure that everyone understands how we’ve evolved to who/where/what we are, how can we expect people to adopt something new and change?

Explaining how our context evolved is crucial to adoption, change, and success.

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