Build A Movement: What Visionary Entrepreneurs Do

This week, a work session with a CEO client on his investor pitch reminded me about the importance of taking the time to understand people's point of view so you can inform your point of view, a design research technic also known as "using empathy."

Well into our meeting, I asked him, "What was the single most important outcome of our work together since we started?"–of course, you've guessed it, the work we do is to build his company strategic narrative. That's what we specialize in at MetaHelm.

And with no hesitation, my client replied: "Our new strategic narrative is helping us build a movement, not just a company. And that's taking us and everyone we serve to the next stage of development. That's big".

It's not the first time I have heard the word "movement" in my client's feedback. But hearing it again helped me acknowledge my client's perspective even more: mobilizing people matters more than ever. Driving any change either inside or outside on your market requires rallying people to your cause. But's it's also not easy.

In the summer, I wrote a series of articles about "Movement-first" companies (see the list at the bottom of this post).

"Movement-first" companies:

  • They promote a different view of the world. They seek to change our mental model, which means how we think and how we view things. I call this changing the narrative.
  • They advertise their beliefs before they advertise their products.
  • They inspire us to move towards something greater than just mindless consumption. So, they are very focused on their purpose and the cause that they want to defend.
  • In recent years, they seem to capture our attention more and more. As a result, people are more willing to work, buy, collaborate, and support organizations with a prominent and meaningful purpose.
  • They will also make you a participant in their impact. It's almost like these companies depend on the capacity to communicate and to rally people with technology.

Coming together: that seems to be one of the most significant challenges that we face as humans. However, when we manage to do it, the possibilities are limitless.

When you have a strategic narrative, you can build a company that works as a movement.

Movements exist to change something that matters to the community. For a movement in general, change is the "raison d’être." Thus, there is a profound reason to challenge the status quo and a deep motivation to do it now.

Build a movement: that's what visionary entrepreneurs do.

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