How To Get A Second “Date”

Say you're going on a first date.

And the whole thing is about the other person, telling you everything about themself, what they do, who they work with, why their features are the most beautiful, their achievements, their career and the awards they've harvested as a result.

How would that be?


Not attractive.

It sounds like this person is desperate.

Building a company is like going on first dates every day. But with many more people, a whole community of people (your team, recruits, customers, partners, etc.)

If you spend your time telling everyone about yourself, you will make the "date" boring and sound desperate. Nobody wants to date someone desperate.

So, look at your website, listen to your sales meetings, and check how your customers feel.

Are you bragging or fueling a real conversation?

Your customers don't just buy your product. They buy your ability to understand their own needs based on your interpretation of them. That is attractive to them. They want to hear your narrative about them.

To do so, listen to them, share your narrative, invite them to be part of it.

Otherwise, you won't get a second date.

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