Don’t Just Tell Stories. Build A Narrative.

If you want to maximize your impact, know the difference between story and narrative. Unfortunately, most business leaders use both words interchangeably. Yet, the subtle difference between a story and a narrative is massive.

People will pay for a story, but people will die for a narrative.

A narrative is future-focused. It keeps everything possible, remains open, and has a beginning, a middle, but no end. That's where the power lies: it creates an open door/window that acts as an open invitation for people to join you on an adventure, on a project, on a mission.

So when you only focus on becoming a good storyteller, you compromise the future of your company.

Maybe you're launching a company, and perhaps you're starting a new project. Or you're launching a new product. Perhaps you have an invention that you want people to adopt. The range of situations could be broad, but this applies to all of them: build a strategic narrative as a powerful call to action.

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