How To Avoid Building A “Me-too” Company

For context: a strategic narrative is a system of stories that you build intentionally to mobilize people to participate in a new opportunity. That's what you will create when you join The Strategic Narrative Workshop.

One of the stories of this system is your perspective story.

In my experience, this is a piece that too many CEOs, Founders, and Business owners neglect. Many times, they don’t even have one. Instead, they build a company that seems like the rest of their competitors–a “me-too” company. It ends up costing them millions as a result.

Here is why your perspective story matters so much:

Your perspective is a core element of your company identity. When you form an opinion about how you will deliver on your value proposition, you shape your identity. Opinions shape who we are as a person and as a group. In saying what you stand for, others know what you believe. Therefore, the perspective story is a vital source for your company’s brand identity.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of repeating the same perspective as everyone else on the market. Common wisdom appears to be a safe bet. Being an “anomaly” is scary. However, what stands and comes across as a bit crazy is always exciting and gets noticed. Familiar ideas are unlikely to garner much attention.

Invest in developing a different way of viewing things, one that renews our understanding of the world.

The perspective story is one of the four stories you should write to build a new narrative in your market and avoid building a “me-too” company. In doing this, you turn your audience into active participants of a movement.

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