Now Is The Time

Let me help you plan for 2022 by making a prediction and a recommendation.

The prediction:

You’re going to start 2022 with new intentions, new momentum, and a great strategy.

And, then, as data suggests, about a month in the new year, you’re going to start feeling like things slow down a bit for you. You won’t be the only one. Your team, clients, and partners will feel in the same slower tempo.

That will be around February 1st, 2022.

Fortunately, that will be around the same time The Strategic Narrative Workshop starts. Five days later, to be exact. Perfect timing.

I say “fortunately”, because exactly when you will need it, you will have a chance to get support, accountability, new ideas, clarity, and traction through an experience I created for business leaders just like you.

The recommendation:

I say “fortunately”, but that’s only if you’re courageous enough.

Fortune favors the braves.

So be brave, and as Peter Druker would say, create your future, it’s the best way to predict it.


To create your future, build your strategic narrative already.

Register for The Strategic Narrative Workshop today.

Don’t let the fortune wheel decide for you.

I hear you. A lot is going on at the moment.

If you are in “end-of-the-year mode” like me, you’re probably trying to focus on two things at the same time: closing and planning. Those two narratives collide and create tension.

It’s great if you are making strategy assumptions about 2022 and beyond. But don’t forget to also take stock of where you and your team might still be stuck down the road.

We almost always forget that moving forward is not only about pushing on the gas pedal. It’s also about releasing the breaks.

Make sure that by February 2022, the breaks are fully released. Join The Strategic Narrative Workshop on January 25th.

Now is the time to create your future.


PS: if you have any questions, hit reply, and I’ll get back to you with answers. No question is too small. I’m here to help.

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