Get With Your Tribe

I traveled to visit my French family, friends, and work allies in the last two weeks. And I had no idea how much I needed to get together with them. I mentally knew I needed to visit, but I utterly undermined the importance of getting together with my French tribe for many months.

I couldn’t go to France in almost three years for obvious reasons.

Although we have often connected since the beginning of the pandemic, I didn’t realize how much I still missed my people.

My emotional tank was running low, and I had no idea. So I guess I ignored the gauge.

As a result, part of my narrative, fueled by my French identity, was starting to vanish: less emotional ties, no more plans together, words that mean less without us being in the same room, etc.

But that trip was a chance to remember again the critical importance of connecting emotionally with your group.

Your narrative makes your tribe stick together.

Your narrative is not just words on paper or screen.

Your narrative is built and enacted together socially.

I built the MetaHelm method and process mostly from experience and intuition.

Now, I see more clearly why I did it based on human interactions:

  1. The work I facilitate with my clients happens mostly when we’re together, even remotely. Therefore, we create strong alignment from the get-go.
  2. The Strategic Narrative Workshop brings together a variety of participants to connect in a safe zone, so you hear perspectives outside of your world.
  3. The MetaHelm approach is mostly about creating a chance to test your ideas live with people, so you get real-time feedback and hear the words that mobilize people first hand.

So, don’t wait for the tank to be empty. Instead, get together with your tribe. That’s how you build your strategic narrative.

If you’re already doing it with your leadership team, don’t forget the rest of the group. Bring everyone along, so you build a profitable business with the most potent power ever: human relationships.

Although I always advise that you build your narrative on your own, I confirm that you should not do it alone.

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