It’s Practice Time

The Strategic Narrative Workshop starts next Tuesday, January 25th.

This is your chance to move from contemplation to action.

Should you register?

Why you'll become a pro

Let me throw in a quick story.

This weekend, my 11-year-old son landed his first backflip on skis. It was nuts. My wife and I were filled with joy and pride as we witnessed him accomplish his dream.

He did it like a pro. Not because he read all about it, but because he practiced for years, on a trampoline, on the ground, with friends, and with a coach at ski camp.

You can watch all the free-style skiing you want all day long, but if you don't get on skis and practice hard, you will never land that backflip.

Similarly, you can read all you want about how to build a strategic narrative, but if you don't show up every day to work on it with other peers, and a coach to guide you, you'll probably never get it right.

To quote my son, “I’m not going to lie, it takes some love. But dude, that’s sick.”

How it works

Here are the three simple steps you need to take now:

1 - Register here.

2 - Get instant access to the strategic narrative canvas with videos, slides, case studies, tools, and articles.

3 - Do the work, and join the Tuesday group coaching sessions.

4 - Get your Strategic Narrative done the right way, so your business thrives.

I explain everything here on a clear and simple page.

What you'll get

Everything you need to create true believers inside and outside your company:

  • A simple, repeatable framework that you can use forever.
  • Pre-recorded videos with slides and transcription.
  • A 90-minute group coaching meeting once a week for seven weeks.
  • A library of strategic narrative examples to spark creative ideas.
  • Live feedback from me on your workshop assignments.
  • The replay of each workshop meeting.
  • Access to the cohort Slack channel to get help and more feedback.
  • Digital versions of all the tools and templates we will use.
  • And last but not least: your Strategic Narrative

Joyce says it best

Here is what Joy Spencer, a previous workshop participant, had to say:

This is an actual workshop where you will get real work done and make real progress. There is extreme power in working on your strategic narrative to articulate your vision and invite others to something much better, no matter where you are in your business.. - Joy Spencer

That's right, practice may not make you perfect, but it makes progress. I guarantee that.

The world needs more leaders able to inspire people to take action.

Will you join?


PS: Questions? I'm here to help. Hit reply, and let's talk. No question is too small.

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