We All Struggle With This

Here is a paradox I see with many business people, including me.

We are so clever about our product or service, so expert at it, that we’re almost unable to say what it does in the language of our customers.

We speak “seller-ese”. Our customers talk “buyer-ese”.

I know, it’s weird. But it’s real. We all struggle with this.

Some call it the “Curse of knowledge”.

If we’re unable to connect with our customers, we lose our ability to get buy-in and mobilize them. And, we don’t sell. End of the business. Period.

Rather than giving you a detailed explanation and framework on this topic, with how to fix this problem (which I do in The Strategic Narrative Workshop), let me show you an excellent example of a company that speaks their customer’s language.


  • The simplicity of “Work simpler. Grow smarter.”
  • The beat: Work simpler (1,2,3). Work smarter (1,2,3). Almost like the slogan of participants of a movement would chant.
  • The connection with the background image, speaking the same language, but visually.

Now, a bit of feedback for this company:

Do you know what this product IS?

Me neither.

But at least we know what it does.

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