Founders & Mentors

I was very fortunate to be on the Founders & Mentors podcast, hosted by Jared Orr. During our conversation, Jared and I discuss how narratives influence everything.

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A narrative is a frame. It's a way to view reality. It leads us to make radical decisions because it touches our beliefs.

Shortly after I moved to the United States, I experienced the full power of my immigrant narrative. First, I had an "Oh Shit" moment. It was 2008, and doors wouldn't open easily. So, I decided to knock on doors harder to find work and survive.

Then later, I had an "Aha moment". Around 2010, the context became more favorable to live the American Dream. I started to connect with more people for the work I wanted to do.

But what people wanted to hear was not my story.

What they wanted to hear was my narrative.

That's a big difference.

I talk about this difference and many other things with Jared on his show - Founders & Mentors.

Jared is awesome. He has built up a strong network of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and tech giants, and he interviews them on his show. His podcast is meant to teach and inspire its listeners. It gives practical advice for career progression, business growth, and success in your entrepreneurial endeavors. His interviews range from Silicon Valley CEOs, athletes, authors, stay-at-home parents starting a business, and other podcasters.

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