What You’re Not Aware Of

I always ask business leaders who join The Strategic Narrative Workshop what was their biggest "aha" moments during our group coaching meetings.

The answer I often get: "Understanding the role of narratives in shaping decisions, even if we aren't actively aware of the narrative."

Indeed, there is the face of the narrative you can see and hear, the visible part, that you're aware of. You will notice a narrative, especially when it's new (or renewed), like the narrative about crypto-currency, sustainable food, or remote learning.

And there is the face of a narrative you can't see or hear anymore, the hidden side of the "iceberg".

You can't see this face not because it's invisible.

You can't see it because you forgot that it's there.

And you're not the only one. Nobody else around you seems to have noticed.

I don't think there is anything more powerful than bringing the unconscious part of our narratives back to people's memory. It's when that "aha" moment happens.

Einstein did it with the societal narrative about criticism, something we all do without even noticing it - because we're not actively aware of it anymore.

I clipped Einstein's example from one of the many social media accounts that recently re-re-posted it. It's cool. And it's from Einstein, so it must be substantial (yet another narrative).


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