How I Created My eBook, In Full Transparency

My friend and colleague Rick Torseth wanted to know how I created my latest eBook (Strategic Narrative). So, I answered his question on a zoom call and showed him how, with full radical transparency.

This call’s video recording is publicly available here on my Youtube channel:

This is about:

  • How to be more creative (set constraints)
  • What your budget should be (zero: work with what you have)
  • The process of learning through writing (create many versions and test)
  • Shaping your unique perspective (differentiation, confidence, and excitement)
  • Letting go of the concern that your competition will steal from you. (You’ve never stolen from them before?)

These things might be valuable to leaders interested in mobilizing people for change.

Are you one of them?

Courage. It’s that simple.
How To Stand Out