How To Stand Out

How to stand out?

Many of us look for answers to this question, especially in a crowded market.

One way to do it is to care more than others are willing to care.


Show up more.

  • Spend more time and more resources exploring, understanding, and creating.
  • Talk, present, educate, and debate more in public.
  • Amplify the ideas you love, even if many others have them already, especially your competitors.
  • Speak from the heart and tell the truth that everyone is scared to say.
  • Translate, reframe and redefine what you do with your perspective.
  • Use your love for your work to overcome your fears of being judged about how you do this work.

When you shape something with your voice and your fingerprints, it becomes unique.

That’s when you stand out.

People care that you care more.

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