Are You An Optimist?

Here are 5 things worth sharing from last month. But first, let me ask a few questions:

1 - Are you building narrative power?

Narrative power is your company’s ability to dictate organizational and market norms and values. It’s how you mobilize people to work with you and buy from you. It gives you frame control. Are you building it? Find out in 5 minutes here. Get your results immediately.

2 - How do you sell your vision?

If you want people to see the same opportunity as you, they need to see you stare at it. What do I mean? Check out my most popular post on Linkedin.

3 - Do you need help?

In recent weeks, several people in my network and on this email list told me they’re seeking help to better define who they are as a leader and craft a vision for a personal or entrepreneurial project. If that’s you, I’ve got something for you. Read more about my answer here.

4 - Are you feeling different?

Act and think differently. I have 19 reasons for you to remember that it's OK. Even more than OK, I recommend it strongly for success. Another popular post on Linkedin last month.

5 - Are You An Optimist?

WIRED founder Kevin Kelly explains why progress often looks like dystopia to the untrained eye. But if you have an optimistic picture of something you’re aiming for, you make it way more possible to actualize it. Kelly calls this incremental progress toward a better world “protopia.” Protopia is a direction, not a destiny.

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It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission

Admiral Hopper

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