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Who needs help?

In recent weeks, several people in my network and on this email list told me they’re seeking help to better define who they are as a leader and craft a vision for a personal or entrepreneurial project.

I typically work at the company level vs. the individual level, so I told people I would need to think about it.

But then, I launched a one-on-one coaching program just for that.

The coaching process works like this:

  • we define your goals,
  • we use my approach and framework (The Strategic Narrative Canvas) and apply it as a method for reinventing your career,
  • and we go through a series of exercises that lead to outcomes that you can immediately apply: messages (the stories), practices (the actions), and norms (new habits) that help you align your journey to your purpose and have a more impactful career, or a more transformational business if you are an entrepreneur.

So, are you interested in working on your personal strategic narrative?

Who wants to discuss this and get my help?

I’d be happy to talk with you to see if you’re a fit for this program.

If you’re interested, hit reply, and let’s talk.

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