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Here is a recap of the top content I published this past month. Enjoy!

1 - Why I don't use the word “competitor” or “competition.”

I wouldn't be surprised to hear you all say that I’m a dreamer or even crazy, but here you go anyways... maybe I’m not the only one:

Please read my post on Linkedin

2 - Change Your Language, Change Your Business Vision: A Fresh Perspective

A business vision is not the same as a vision for your business. Watch the video on Youtube.

3 - The Importance of Content Creation in Building a Strong Strategic Narrative

A strategic narrative is a living system of stories, messages, practices, habits, and norms within a business. You need to evolve it all the time. Content creation is essential to do that and build a differentiating point of view.

Watch my Youtube video, an excerpt from my online Meaningful Content Creation course.

4 - Why Your Business Needs An Opinion

Your true friends always have an opinion about what they’d do if they were you. So why aren’t you that friend for your clients?

Read the article

5 - Klaus Niderlander: Uniting For A Better Future

I have an idea for a podcast that I will be launching in the future. Here is a pilot for what it might become:

Watch or listen to my conversation with expert-on-a-mission Klaus Niderlander here on Youtube


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