Is This For You?

Who else needs help?

A few of you already work one-on-one with me to build a successful business you also love.

I am now opening two more spots for Expert On A Mission, my coaching program with the Strategic Narrative method for solopreneurs and independent experts looking to align their careers with passion and profits.

If this is for you, it’s time to raise your hand and hit reply to apply and benefit from this authentic opportunity.

I say “authentic” because here is the story you might be part of if you join:

Last year, a long-time friend and client told me she wanted help to better define herself as a leader and craft a vision for a potential entrepreneurial project.

Since I typically work at the company level vs. the individual level, I have usually turned down similar requests.

But this time, I listened more carefully to where life directed my attention. And I said, “yes, let’s do it.”

So, I started helping her and turned this success into Expert On A Mission, an offer I launched a few months later.

Now, the program has a handful of participants who get a lot of my personal attention, access to all my courses, and impressive results for a reasonable investment (until I raise the price in the future).

I’m also sharing this story because this is how I recommend growing a sustainable business with the Strategic Narrative approach: with soul and mindfulness.

If this is for you, look at the details here and reply to this email. We’ll have a conversation to see if you are a fit.

If you know of someone who would benefit from Expert On A Mission, please forward this message to them. Sharing is caring.

Together, let’s build more businesses as a source of inspiration that few can resist.

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