Should You Repeat Yourself?

We, creators, often view repetition as boring.

However, the truth is that repetition is far more important than we often give it credit for.

Narratives are the sum of repeated experiences, knowledge, and insights people have gained through shared experiences and passed down from generation to generation.

Conversely, we can only change outdated and toxic narratives if we repeat why they became obsolete and offer new experiences, knowledge, and insights… that we will repeat.

To build narrative power, you need to put in your reps.

So, here we go:

1 - First, repetition is just what experts do. As an independent expert, you should explore the same topic and answer the same question many times, the same way a surgeon repeats the same procedure so many times that he can successfully do it even if her patient's heart is about to stop.

2 - Repetition builds credibility. When you say something once, people may not take it seriously. However, when you say it repeatedly, people start to believe it. They begin to see that you are committed to your words and that you really mean what you say.

3 - Repetition creates commitment. When you repeat something frequently, you essentially promise yourself and others that you will stick to your message. This helps build trust and confidence as people rely on your consistency.

4 - Repetition helps us gauge what sticks. When you repeat something multiple times, you can see what resonates with people and what doesn't. This is especially important when trying to convey a complex message or inspire people to make a significant change.

5 - Speaking of change, repetition helps people move through it. When you repeat your message, you give people time to process and understand what you are trying to say. This can make it easier for them to embrace new ideas and ways of thinking.

6 - Repetition is essential for maintaining clarity. If you don't repeat yourself enough, your perspective can become fuzzy. You may find that people have different interpretations of what you are trying to say, which can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. By repeating yourself consistently, you ensure everyone is on the same page, and your message is clear and concise.

7 - Repetition is just what artists do. They go on tour and repeat the same songs to their growing audience. And once they are popular, people attend their concerts, hoping they'll sing and repeat their favorite song one more time.

You don't build a narrative if you don't repeat yourself. Should I repeat it one last time?

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