What You Will Need As An Entrepreneur

by Nov 14, 2021Uncategorized

What would a sailor do without a chart?

Centuries ago, sailors didn’t have nautical charts. Yet, some of them embarked on very long journeys to the unknown. That’s because they had a mental and emotional “map” towards success in the form of a narrative that they had built for themselves, their crew, and their sponsors.

These days, we can create a chart of almost anything. We’ve charted the entire globe, so sailers can safely travel the seas. But in addition to charts, sailors still need their own narrative to be successful. That has not changed. They need a narrative to know what their destination looks like, how to get to it, and why their crew should trust them to get to it.

Like the sailor uses a chart, you may use a business plan if you are an entrepreneur.

But to guide you towards success through the unknown, you will also need a narrative.

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