Leaving Self-doubt At The Door And Other Topics

Although I would say that I am optimistic by nature, self-doubt knocks at my minds’ door all the time. But I almost never let it in. It wasn’t always the case, but now it is.

Self-doubt affects many people. Maybe you? Innovators, idealist entrepreneurs, and original thinkers are full of self-doubt because they take greater risks than normal people.

It’s not always easy to leave that feeling at a distance. And when doubt gets inside your mind, it’s usually a struggle to kick it out.

In my recent conversation on Philip Morgan’s Podcast, The Self-Made Expert Podcast I talk about the daily habit I built to live every day to its fullest, without a doubt. That practice works. It brings me focus and clarity of thought as soon as I start my day.

In this episode, I also talk about how taking a meaningful risk can help you learn and shape your whole career’s narrative; and many other topics.

I have no doubt you will find this hour with Philip and myself valuable, and also entertaining.

Here is the link to the podcast episode of the Self-Made Expert:

Happy Sunday. Happy Confidence. Happy Risk Taking. Happy Listening.

Was that positive enough?

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