The Storyteller’s Job Description

by Oct 29, 2021Entrepreneurial Leadership

In too many companies, here is the implied job description of the storyteller:

  • Works in the marketing department
  • Makes sense of our cryptic strategy for us
  • Helps us embellish the truth
  • Works on the receiving end of the business processes that spits out obscure jargon tangled in PowerPoint boxes and arrows.
  • Comes at the end of the project, when we’ve built the product already
  • Filters our big bag of crappy messages and magically makes everything clear
  • Makes everything sound much more compelling and inspiring

Why don’t you become the storyteller yourself?

Because, as a business leader, if creating meaning, making the strategy clear, inspiring people, and telling the truth is not in your job description, then I don’t know what kind of leader you are.

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