The Most Valuable Money Moment

Your strategic narrative is never done. But it’s always due.

You’ve probably heard me say this before, like here.

Some of the money moments when your strategic narrative must have an impact include:

  • Getting investors to back your company
  • Talking to the media
  • Launching a new product
  • Expanding geographically
  • Changing business model
  • Becoming a platform
  • Onboarding new colleagues
  • Selling (of course…)
  • Transforming your ways of working

These are times when you have to show up and pull everyone forward into the future.

But there is one special money moment that barely anyone talks about.

Do you want to guess which one?

Here is a hint: did you notice how all my previous examples are about inspiring others.

Here is the moment when your strategic narrative has the most value:

When you wake up in the morning.

At that moment, your strategic narrative is pulling you through the chatter in your head.

This matters. Otherwise, how do you expect to lead the way?

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