Strategic Narrative Essentials #3

by Nov 11, 2022Event

What are you doing next Thursday at 9:00 am PST?

I am inviting you to my free monthly Strategic Narrative Essentials course. Learn a new way to build an authentic and inspiring business.

It is Thursday, November 17th, at 9:00 Pacific Time, for 90 minutes. You can attend live for free or purchase the course material and videos for $100 after the session if you can’t make it. Register here.

This time, I will focus on four key strategies you can implement immediately for transitioning from story to narrative.

Every time I facilitate this course, it gets better. Your questions, presence, and feedback help me improve it and build a movement of more conscious and influential business leaders. Are you game?

Sign up here.

Here is what previous participants had to say about this course:

I was surprised and delighted by the depth of new information and learning I was able to take away from this course. I thought I already knew what this was going to be about, but I really didn’t have experience with the framework presented and it was so valuable for me to learn! – Rob H.

Guillaume’s passion for helping individuals and companies transform is evident. His clear, practical, and approachable style helps illuminate current gaps and provides a roadmap to creating fresh narratives and cultural evolution. – Kristie M.

I went from a fuzzy understanding of what a strategic narrative can accomplish and the necessary pieces required to do so … to a very concrete understanding. Excited to explore and test implementation. – Joel C.

I look forward to seeing you!

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