Expert On A Mission is a coaching program designed for independent experts who want to build a successful business that is also aligned with their mission.

Making a meaningful impact in your industry with a thriving business involves self-reflection, experimentation, and action. We call this process Strategic Narrative. 

Unlike what most people think, building a successful and meaningful business takes time, effort, and for sure more than posting lofty statements on a website and waiting for clients to show up.

Power your business and yourself with the Strategic Narrative® methodology.

"One of the most important decisions for my business to date."

Joel Carter, Principal of Carter Collectice

Are you struggling to pursue your goal ?

  • Unclear message and value proposition
  • Self-doubt about your abilities to succeed
  • Fear of quickly changing strategy
  • Trouble prioritizing your actions
  • Lack of experience in creating content
  • Difficulty in differentiating
  • Limited time, budget, or help


Build Narrative Power

  • Operate with a higher degree of confidence Inspire yourself and others to make a change
  • Position your business with more authority
  • Attract your ideal clients and colleagues, and repel the wrong ones
  • Command credibility and trust with an inspiring point of view
  • Find joy and ease in marketing your ideas and generating leads
  • Stay focused and motivated during the inevitable ups and downs
  • Increase your profitability and lower your costs

A System To Guide You Step by Step

Jole Berlage Buccellati, Founder of The Integral Core Project

The work we do in this coaching program is structured around the 4 disciplines and 12 practices of the Strategic Narrative® methodology.

Designed to bring focus, inspire action, and drive impactful results, this methodology is our compass to navigate your growth.

The Strategic Narrative® Canvas

The four disciplines of Strategic Narrative® are:

Visionary Leadership: forging the mindset and habits for turning possibilities into realities.

Meaningful Marketing: helping your business find its true relevance into the world.

Purposeful Operations: planning and running your business with a singular moral compass.

Authentic Selling: aligning your help and ideal clients with true benevolence, not forceful persuasion.

Work With an Experienced Thinking and Accountability Partner Like Guillaume Wiatr



USD $1,000

per month

Achieve your goals with tailored discipline, accountability, and problem-solving.


Unlimited Course Catalog Access
(1 new course every month)

Toolkit of Guides, Templates, Checklists, and Frameworks
(50 items)

Bespoke Strategy & Execution Roadmap
(Revised every 3 months)

8 Q&A Emails
(One-business day response time)

2 One-to-one Work Sessions
(60-minute w/transcription & next steps)

2 Work Product Reviews & Feedback
(Within 2 business days)


USD $2,500

per month

Boost your growth with the ongoing backing and energy of a dedicated thought partner.


Unlimited Course Catalog Access
(1 new course every month)

Toolkit of Guides, Templates, Checklists, and Frameworks
(50 items)

Bespoke Strategy & Execution Roadmap
(Revised every 3 months)

Unlimited Q&A Emails
(One-business day response time)

4 One-to-one Work Sessions
(60-minute, w/ recap & next steps)

Unlimited Work Product Reviews & Feedback
(Within 2 business days)

Dedicated Voice Messaging Access to Guillaume Wiatr
(Through Voxer messaging app)

3 Hours of Premium Content Development
(Additional support available)

You are an ideal candidate for Expert On A Mission if:

  • You run (or you are considering running) a professional services business mostly on your own.
  • Your business has at least one of these two main problems: it’s not fulfilling and/or it’s not profitable enough.
  • You align with the MetaHelm philosophy, and you’re ready to apply the solutions recommended.
  • You feel like you have, or you want to have a purpose beyond just making money.
  • You are ready to put up with the frustration it takes to look for the true calling of your business.
  • You are willing to experiment with new business strategies that will stretch your zone of comfort.
  • You have the courage to make bold business decisions like specializing or going against the grain in your field.