Musical Interlude #3 – Reggie Watts

by Apr 15, 2021MetaCool

As you probably noticed from one of my prior posts, I am anti-bullshit. Like an alcoholic, I’ve been to treatment and I am cured. Well, mostly. I sometimes have little relapses.

Today’s musical interlude is about Reggie Watts, another artist cut from the same cloth of anti-bullshitters.

Watts is a Franco-American comedian, actor, beatboxer, and musician. He used to live in Seattle. If you look him up, he refers to himself as a “disinformationist” who aims to disorient his audience, often in a comedic fashion. You will recognize him in the Late Late Show, where he leads the house band.

In this entertaining performance, he courageously defends our anti-bullshit cause. He does it from an exceptional place: the stage of the world-famous TED conference, sometimes famous for bullshit.

Enjoy those 9 minutes of complete improvisation, innovative language live creation, and musical genius.

Happy Friday!


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