Lying To Yourself, The Better Way


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I published some fun and a bit unusual content in March. Here is my recap. Happy Weekend!

1 - A Dr. Seuss invitation to the Strategic Narrative FTA course

Who said you couldn’t have fun in your marketing?

=> My Dr. Seuss invitation to an online course

2 - Navigating the New Strategic Narrative Canvas

The Strategic Narrative Canvas is a framework I have developed over the years to help holistically build narrative power. It connects the external and internal aspects of your business. It works for large organizations and solopreneurs. It comprises four disciplines: Visionary Leadership, Meaningful Marketing, Purposeful Operations, and Authentic Selling.

=> Watch the video on Youtube

3 - The Silent Key To Success

Have we grown tired of hearing about listening in the professional services industry?

=> Read my take on this here

4 - Sharing The Messy Sketch

Who said you couldn’t be messy in your marketing?

=> The process is more important than the product

5 - Crafting Emotional Value

The true value of human connection alongside technical excellence in our client engagements.

=> Read my article on this

6 - Lying To Yourself, The Better Way

We all obsess about our business “Message” - what we tell others about we do, why, and so on… But what about the message inside? What about your inner narrative?

=> You Might As Well Lie To Yourself About Positive Things

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It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission

Admiral Hopper

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