Strategic Narrative Underground Session 1

The first Strategic Narrative Underground session happened today. If you were on the call, I want to thank you for showing up with curiosity and benevolence. This time together led us to a great conversation about why strategic narratives matter now more than ever.

Talking points about strategic narrative:

  • Narratives rule pretty much everything. Yet, they are misunderstood.
  • We come up with new narratives to change something in the future.
  • Narrative change is starting to be a recognized practice.
  • Narratives are different than stories.
  • You can share a good story with one person, but narratives are really about creating a sense of community.
  • So, there is this very strong focus on a call to action.
  • The goal of a new strategic narrative is to drive meaningful change, not to sell more stuff.

Talking points about the concept of pattern language:

  • A pattern language is a structured method of documenting good design practices.
  • It was invented in 1977 by Christopher Alexander
  • After being offered to build a village in India, he realizes that life inside towns and buildings comes from patterns that people already know about architecture.
  • The concept of a pattern language is especially influential in software engineering, using design patterns to document collective knowledge in the field.
  • The Pattern Language for Strategic Narratives that I am creating follows the same structure and principles.

What is happening right now in the world that makes the topic of strategic narrative urgent for you to explore?

  • More and more, we need to make people care about something important.
  • Your emphasis on community, being an anchor for constructing a strategic narrative is really important, especially now for communicating research and communicating science. And we've seen numerous failures over the past year and a half where we haven't connected with communities.

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I talk for about 15 minutes, and then we discuss specific aspects of what you’ve learned. I answer your questions, and this is also a chance for me to gather your feedback.

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