The Perfect Time For Your Next Narrative: Now

It’s a great time to take on the role of an entrepreneurial leader. Whether you’re inside a large company or ready to jump ship….

Entrepreneurs are multiplying. The numbers of the US Census Bureau for the beginning of 2021 continue to show the same trend. In the face of uncertainty and necessity, the crisis has sparked a wave of innovation.

Entrepreneurs are motivated by risk and uncertainty. So, it’s not a surprise that the current context stimulates their creativity. They're looking for opportunities to create the next version of themselves.

Disruption creates white space for entrepreneurs. A crisis can be a good time to start new businesses. General Motors, Microsoft, Hyatt, Trader Joe’s, Airbnb, and Uber all started during tough economic times.

We are creating more and more opportunities for minorities to step up and lead. This is finally happening and hopefully accelerating.

If you are in a dying industry, it could be time to change it. Or you should maybe leave it to join another one as an outsider. Bring a fresh perspective and even become a pioneer.

We face tough challenges. For instance, how are we going to make the new hybrid work model work? How are we going to adapt to the new demands of society? Rightfully so, there is more pressure to make things just, equal and more demand for freedom and support. There is also more pressure to limit the damage we cause to our planet.

Therefore, we will need more leaders to create powerful calls to action and inspire others to change their behavior, join their cause.

You can wait for others to reinvent everything, or you can initiate change.

If you chose to change, now is your chance to take people on a journey that shifts the way they view the world. This is your chance to create a new narrative.

Sure, knowing how to tell a good story will help. But knowing how to create a new narrative will be your competitive advantage.

Here is a big difference: if people are willing to pay for a story, they are ready to die for a narrative.

What is going to be your next strategic narrative?

Don't wait to start looking for an answer to this question.

I’d love to hear what makes you excited to solve next.

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